Overstuffed cupboards!


This week I’ve been trying to have a serious kitchen cupboard amnesty – using up packets and jars of random ingredients that are causing over spill, and making storage a bit of a problem.  Things came to a crunch when Tired Husband opened the baking cupboard in search of chocolate and half the contents leapt out on him. Whoops.

The flour shelf was a particular problem, numerous  dusty spillages, all leftover from a gluten free project. Apparently I need a whole shelf dedicated to it. 

Likewise, the flavoured oils and vinegars that have sat untouched since last pickling season.

Something had to give, and I can’t bear food waste, so meal times have been a little more creative in the Harnan household.   

Pizza dough with the odd handful of rye flour – very nice thank you, AND the kids never noticed.

Bread dough using truffle flavoured oil  (did I really need TWO bottles in the cupboard?) 

Pistachio cookies for the craft group ladies – yummy.

The only thing I shall draw the line at is the dried pig’s blood  – leftover from The Offal Project. Banished to the garage store straight after use, it was only kept as it was so blooming hard to get hold of in the first place. I had it was imported from overseas to make a delicious black pudding, but 7kilos of the stuff was a bit excessive.

Anyway, aren’t I proud now there’s actually a bit of space in the cupboard. And hey, just in time for the next project. Though this one, entitled ‘Foolproof’ is so far, full of sensibly down to earth ingredients that I should be able to use up in no time at all.