Things I learned today…Cinnamon


Well, just a moment, here’s a little snippet of information.
About types of cinnamon bark.

Here are two varieties of cinnamon bark: one on the left, is tightly rolled, with thin flakey shards, the cross section similar to a rolled cigar. This is Ceylon Cinnamon, best for cooking with – sometimes called Real or True Cinnamon, it is a much higher quality and has a more delicate flavour than the bark on the right of the picture.

The second cinnamon stick has a much thicker appearance, it is called Cassia or Chinese cinnamon and is not so good for cooking. The flavour is strong and pungent and is almost impossible to grind. It’s the sort you’d find wired on a Christmas wreath or perhaps in your Grannie’s pot pourri- lovely for decorations, less good for cooking.

So there you go, may you sound informed in your next spice related conversation.